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This is a Hansen Reducer Housing. IST has the tooling and technology to rebuild all the bores. They are a two piece split housing. Each housing half is built up using Twin Wire Arc Sprayed Thermal Coating. The two halves are then assembled and bores are line bored to OEM specs.

They can be rebuild over and over indefinitely.

An example of a gear housing that the bearing bores can be re manufactured back to original specifications.

Various pump housings can be rebuilt without sleeving and in some cases we can re size the bore with the sleeve in place making it a very practical repair.

Another example of a split housing.

Using our rebuild method the housing can be rebuilt as many times as you like.

Other methods such as planing each half surface and reboring etc will eventually end its life requiring a new OEM housing.

This housing which endures a high corrosive environment was totally rebuilt on the I.D. bore as well as the O.D. surface

A roll housing with a Thermal Coating re surface to the I.D.

A total rebuild on a spool roll housing

A large suction roll housing with the bearing I.D. surface rebuilt